Charity Danc-A-Thon
Dance your way to £500 prize fund

Arrive 5.30pm
Dancing starts 6.30pm
Friday 30th June
Golden Square, Petworth
It’s free, get SPONSORED

What is it?

This idea is so simple:
Turn up and dance without a break from 6.30pm to 10.30pm,
If you’re still dancing at the end then you’ll share in the £500 prize fund
You’ll be doing it for charity
And it’s free to enter.

So if you want to do it on your own, with someone from your school, club or association or a team from your work there should be a dance team from everywhere

How do you sign up?

Use this buy tickets button and fill in the information required and we will email you an info leaflet where all will be explained.

Book now

Use the sponsorship form we send you to get your family, friends, school mates and workmates to pledge to sponsor you.
Come to the Golden Square, Petworth at 5.30 on Friday 30th June and DANCE!