Describing someone as a ‘legend’ is far too common these days with many, so-called, legends barely making the grade in their own living rooms. It is therefore with some excitement that petfringe 17 are excited to announce that they have attracted a true musical legend.

Unless you move in the upper echelons of the music industry you might not have heard of him but if you are one of the many hundreds of famous musicians with whom he has worked you will know that to describe John Altman as a legend is, meh, accurate.

Petfringe is thrilled that tonight John will be performing and talking about his career

Throughout his lengthy career John has done it all: rock sax player, jazz sax player, conductor, producer, arranger, club host, composer, scorer of films, leader of his own big band, music director; it is hard to think of anything that he hasn’t done.

Whist still a student at Sussex University John was involved in session work with the likes of Fleetwood Mac and Peter Green and then to Birkbeck College in London where his studies were interrupted to work with Hot Chocolate and other artists including Jimi Hendrix, Bo Marley, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Little Richard and Van Morrison (for whom he acted as music director for 8 years as well as being his reed player).

He was described in the Los Angeles Times as “one of the few film composers with authentic jazz skills” and his jazz credits are as extensive as all the others performing with the likes of Chet Baker and Herb Morrison.

Arranging and conducting: John’s hits included Alison Moyet’s ‘That Old Devil Called Love’,