Dan Evans: 10%
Edinburgh Preview

 Free Fringe

Saturday 7th July

Leconfield Under
Market Square, Petworth
GU28 0AH


Stalwart of the UK comedy scene Dan Evans has decided it’s finally time for you to be rich, respected, and talked of long after your death.

In 10% he’ll be introducing you to his most constant companion, his notebook of ideas. Ideas that you could be lucky enough to back at their earliest stage. The problem is they’re only worked up to around 10% of their awesome potential, so he needs an audience to help decide which of his embryonic creations should be nurtured to full term. Expect products, tunes, philosophies for benevolent World management and possible disappointing nudity.

For well over a decade Dan’s childish surrealism has delighted audiences across the UK. He’s also had his grammar corrected by the Dutch and Germans; and performed extensively to sweating ex pats in Dubai, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

The Guardian described him as – “a favourite with audiences as well as with his notoriously hard to please comedic peers’.

He’s also written extensively for others, among them Milton Jones, Frankie Boyle, and Jo Caulfield.

What’s more Dan GUARANTEES this show will change your life. At the very least, by making it an hour shorter.