Recitals for Wrigglers

£4.00 (Young or old)

Sunday 1st July

Leconfield On Top
Market Square
GU28 0AH

A fun, interactive and educational show for babies and toddlers where wriggling is allowed, indeed encouraged!
“I loved Clea’s shoes – they had lights on them. The music was fast and slow. When it was fast I felt excited and when it was slow I felt sleepy.”

Wriggle Around the World

With Clea Friend on the cello and Louise Bevan on the violin, Wriggle Around the World by Recitals for Wrigglers was a treat for children and adults alike.

The show was simple, in a fresh and airy room with comfortable mats on the floors. Children were free to move around as they pleased.

Clea and Louise performed thirteen pieces, all varied in tempo and style. At first the children were mesmerised and static but soon they were all in the middle of the room dancing without a care in the world. Clea and Lousie created no pressure to join in, which I liked. They were so warm and engaging that even the shyest of children participated.

A particular favourite of ours was ‘The Gingerbread Man’ piece. The story was told along with the music – magical. At the end of the show a Scottish reel was performed which was a super finale for the Edinburgh Fringe show. The music throughout the rest of the show was from around the world so ending with the toe tapping Scottish jig was perfect.

After the concert all audience members were invited for complimentary refreshments in the church hall.

A lovely intimate show in a quiet venue, a nice change from the hustle and bustle of town. We will be going back to see the morning recital of this show as the morning and afternoon recitals are different.

I was pleased that the show has triggered an interest in musical instruments in my three-year-old – perhaps this will be the catalyst for a career in music for him too.

Primary Times Children’s Choice Awards Review