PetFringe 2016

Home-Grown Talent + Guests

1st - 10th July


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Fretful Federation Mandolin Orchestra

Tuesday 5th July

Welcome to PetFringe 2017

The Petworth Fringe, is an annual event created to bring music, drama, comedy and more to the people of Petworth and the surrounding towns and villages.

Our motto is Home-Grown Talent + Guests

The Petworth Fringe is for you to have fun. So keep a look out for news, register for updates and get ready to come out and enjoy yourself next year.

What’s On?

We are nw starting to build  put together a programme for Petworth Fringe 2017, which will be bigger and better than 2016 and even more fun.

If you are a member of a club or association contact us to register for your own discount code for 2017.

Perform at Petworth Fringe

We are now looking for acts for Petworth Fringe 2017 get in touch as we are looking for Home-Grown Talent + Guests.

Countdown to Petworth Fringe 2017


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